A mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. Maybe I can reach out to others – who knows, time will tell. “Sh*t happens. But life goes on.” – my now motto. 

A 25 year old mother of one beautiful little girl. My pride and joy. Reason for being.
I’m a nurse. So I live the slightly hectic lifestyle of sleep, eat, work, repeat….yay :-/

I’m hoping this will one day take off and I can at least spread my love and experiences to help and inspire others in their lives. My randomness doesn’t go unnoticed – or so I have been told!

For now the randomness of life will appear on here….whether its reviewing a nail polish or asking the weird questions of life…it’ll be here!

I hope my little girl will one day see this blog and see what life was like way back when. But until then, lets see where this goes!